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B.Sc. Animation Technology

A course to "Advance your Animation Skills"

This degree program in animation has been specifically designed to provide a launch-pad to the students towards a successful career in the Animation industry. The program is designed to meet the growing industry requirements with 80% of practical studies.

It is the perfect choice to groom you into an industry-ready Animation professional. The fundamental philosophy of the course is to impart to the students a variety of skills and knowledge required for the diverse range of potential career options in animation and multimedia. For higher studies Clusters offers a Master's Program in Animation and VFX through the tie-up with foreign universities and animation studios.


+2 Pass or equivalent

Batches Available

Full Time / Evening

Course Duration

Year(s) : 3 Year (6 Semesters)

Animation Careers

The Animation industry in India is breaking through into a prosperous era, offering exclusive career opportunities. There is an acute shortage of professionals in animation and gaming. The course specializes in the rapid development of artistic skills, necessary for achieving a successful career in animation and multimedia. The demand has exceeded the supply as the animation industry requires more than 50,000 professionals every year.

The animation industry, which was once dominated by the West, has found a new hub in India. Among all the Asian countries, India has got the potential and the creative juices to produce world class animations. Although, the animation industry is a relatively new comer to India, this industry is all set to experience a period of unprecedented boom.

Course of Study

Semester 1

Paper No Subject Title Theory / Practical
T1 Computer Fundamentals Theory
T2 Drawing Concept & Color Theory Theory
T3 Digital Imaging Theory
T4 Pre-Production Theory
P1 Vector Drawing Using Computer Practical
P2 Digital Imaging Using Photoshop Practical

Semester 2

Paper No Subject Title Theory / Practical
2.1 Communicative English Theory
T5 2D Animation Theory
T6 Principles of Animation, Media laws & ethics Theory
P3 2D Animation Using Flash Practical
P4 Interactivity Animation Using Action script Practical

Semester 3

Paper No Subject Title Theory / Practical
T7 Anatomy for Animation Theory
T8 Introduction to 3Ds Max and Maya Theory
T9 3D Modeling and Animation Theory
P5 3D Modeling using 3Ds Max Practical
P6 Lighting & Texturing Using 3Ds Max Practical

Semester 4

Paper No Subject Title Theory / Practical
T10 3D Rigging Theory
P7 3D Modeling & Texturing in Maya Practical
T11 Introduction to New Media Theory
P8 3D Modeling using Maya Practical
P9 Lighting & Texturing Using 3Ds Max Practical

Semester 5

Paper No Subject Title Theory / Practical
T12 Video Editing Theory
T13 Compositing Theory
T14 Visual effects Theory
P10 Video Editing and Compositing Practical
P11 Visual Effects Practical

Semester 6

Paper No Subject Title Theory / Practical
T15 Specialization Theory
T16 Company Internship Theory

Why Choose us?

CIMAT is a pioneer in the field of Digital Media Education. It is a knowledge power house which helps you to take your passion and make it your profession.Our Institute differ from other colleges. We are Coimbatore's First Animation Course Provider specially designed for career orietened curriculum

* Courses fee wiever for Physically challenged students and 5 seats reserved for financially weak students
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